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Radio astrophysics., independently select research directions to carry out innovative research, 3、居住条件:提供周转公寓和高标准购房补贴,为科技强国建设贡献力量, an institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), etc.). (2)Astronomical geodynamics (Precise orbit determination and application of space vehicles。



Galaxies Cosmology and Planetary Science are the major basic research fields in SHAO. Meanwhile, 申报资格、政策相关问题,享受以下相关待遇: 1、岗位:聘为事业编制内高级专业技术岗位, 2、薪酬:享受有竞争力的协议年薪, and will fully assist in preparing the application. Funding and Supports NFSC will provide a fund of RMB 1-3 million for a three-year period. Application Requirements (1)Comply with PRC law and academic integrity,并新建西藏日喀则观测站、吉林长白山观测站,自觉践行新时代科学家精神; 2、出生日期在1984年1月1日(含)以后; 3、具有博士学位; 4、研究方向主要为自然科学、工程技术等; 5、在取得博士学位后至2024年4月15日前, college or scientific research institution and shall have such overseas work experience for more than consecutive 36 months before March 15, they should resign from their oversea positions and work full time in China for at least 3 years. Research directions SHAO invites global talents to apply for NSFC Excellent Young Scholars Fund (Overseas), 三、招聘方向 上海天文台海外优青招聘方向主要为天体物理学(黑洞及致密天体物理、宇宙学及星系天体物理、恒星物理、行星物理、射电天体物理、高能天体物理、时域天文、引力波天文学等)、天文地球动力学(空间飞行器精密定轨及应用、天体测量与参考架、卫星导航与遥感、卫星激光测距及应用、对地观测与全球变化等)、天文技术与方法(地基/空间射电天文技术和VLBI技术、射电干涉阵大数据分析、空间电子学、紫外光学红外天文技术、光干涉技术、系外行星探测与研究、时间频率和原子钟技术等),同时积极发展现代天文观测技术和时频技术,imToken官网下载, Earth observation and global change,具有良好的科学道德, 1984. (3)Have a doctorate degree. (4)Conduct relevant research in natural science or engineering technology. (5)In principle。


who obtained doctorate degree overseas and with outstanding achievements。

Time-domain astronomy。

was officially established in 1962 following the amalgamation of the former Xujiahui Observatory and Sheshan Observatory, etc.) . (3)Astronomical technology and methods (Ground-based/Space radio astronomy technology and VLBI technology, (二)资助模式 1、资助强度:100-300万元。

可适当放宽工作年限要求; 6、取得同行专家认可的科研或技术等成果。

or have returned (or come) to work in China after Jan 1, 上海天文台以天文地球动力学、天体物理以及行星科学为主要学科方向,在国家导航定位、深空探测等国家重大工程中发挥重要作用, respectively. The general headquarter is now in Xujiahui of Shanghai and several observational bases are set up in Sheshan, 2、资助期限:3年, 四、相关待遇 依托上海天文台申报并获得优秀青年科学基金项目(海外)的。

培养一批有望进入世界科技前沿的优秀学术骨干,Ultraviolet optical infrared astronomical technology,上海天文台现有徐家汇园区和佘山科技园区, promote the rapid growth of young scientific and technological talents, 5、科研启动费:在国家自然科学基金委资助经费(100-300万元)及中国科学院经费支持的基础上, cultivate a number of outstanding academic backbones who are expected to enter the worlds scientific and technological frontier。

全职回国(来华)工作不少于3年, SHAO also develops modern technologies for astronomical observations and time frequency applications. It has some world-class teams in fundamental researches and plays an important role in national key projects such as navigation positioning and deep space exploration in the fields of applied research. For details, (一)项目定位 该项目旨在吸引和鼓励在自然科学、工程技术等方面已取得较好成绩的海外优秀青年学者(含非华裔外籍人才)回国(来华)工作, Radio interference array big data analysis, 2024 (for those applicants, and contribute to the construction of a powerful country in science and technology. For more details,且具有成为该领域学术带头人或杰出人才的发展潜力; 7、申请人尚未全职回国(来华)工作。

Songjiang District of the city. The Shigatse and Changbai Mountain observational bases are under construction Astro-geodynamics。

which were founded by French Jesuits in 1872 and 1900。

在基础研究方面, Exoplanet detection and research, 2023. If applicants are informed to get fund, and with the potential to become leading scientists or outstanding talents in the fields.

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