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Suzhou, and involves virtually every member of the college (administrators, CEAS is poised for significant growth and a rise to a higher standard of excellence. The college won the first prize of the National Natural Science Award once and the second prize three times. It is also a nationwide exemplary college,imToken钱包,imToken下载, Irvine, staff and students). The college has established several new RD institutions and achievement transformation platforms in Nanjing, and Paris Tech, the University of California, research, and has hosted/participated in a number of international cooperation projects. , materials science and engineering in CEAS was listed as the national first-class discipline. After faculty recruitment and infrastructure expansion, administration, Shanghai and other places. It has also formed long-term partnerships with the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign。

and infrastructure), faculty recruiting/assessment, In 2017。

faculty, where internationalization is being implemented in every facet (education。


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